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Wuxi CENTI HITS - Promote China-Europe Business at the Exhibitions

On May 6th, Wuxi - CENTI HITS(Hi! Tech Season) successfully launched an exhibiton with help from Business District Economic Development Bureau, China Merchants in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Centre. During this event, CENTI brought back 20 excellent projects from Europe, which covers AI, IoT (Internet of Things), Fintech, Healthtech and other technology cutting edge areas.

On the afternoon of May 6, along with leading investors and corporates in Wuxi, Xiaomin Li, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and founder and CEO of CENTI GROUP, John Zai visited the HITS exhibition area. Through a series of experiences and communication, Mr. Li and other visitors had a thorough comprehension of the technological innovation from overseas companies and their market demand to China.


LullaME is the world's first self-shaking baby mattress, while liberating parents' hands, allows the baby to get a better quality of sleep, making baby care easier.

During the exhibition, LullaME got a lot of attention from the visitors. Under the background of China's second-child policy, the product has huge market potential and is expected to enter China in a short period of time. With an advantage of cos performance, it will help new mothers improve the quality of evenings.


Zzish is a deep technology platform with multi-language versions that provides real-time data, insight and recommendation to teachers, school and government leaders in primary and secondary education. They were selected by Google as one of the "ten best tech startups in Europe" in 2017. They reached 150,000 teacher sign-ups and signed their first governmental deal in the Philippines in 2018.

Chinese parents value education a lot. According to the research from South China Morning Post, Chinese parents spend up to US$43,500 a year on after-school classes for their children. With regards of Zzish, their product has so far brought 8-10% improvement to students/children while improving the fun of teaching. It would be very attractive to Chinese parents as well as Education Industry in China.

Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos is now a member of the ESA (European Space Agency) and the designated space mission provider for the Pioneer project; the space mission provider for the UK e2E communications constellation. They have successfully obtained the orders from British Catapult IOD satellite, a satellite company remote sensing satellite constellation and an IoT satellite company's first batch of the 24-satellite constellation.


Centiglobe is a new global exchange platform, which was validated by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm School of Economics. It is the result of extensive research in financial modelling in distributed systems. It aims to modernize the process of transferring value, specifically in the area of cross-border payments and disintermediation of the traditional financial system. It uses a blockchain-based decentralized exchange architecture to create fast, transparent and secure transactions.

TUGE Healthcare

TUGE Healthcare, focuses on the ultra-high definition medical endoscopy imaging system and digital integrated operation room solutions. Based on original image processing algorithms and real-time implementation on FPGA platform, they provide a complete and professional solution for medical imaging applications, such as high-quality 3-chip, 3D and 4K endoscopy devices.


Emit is world's first productivity smartwatch. They make a productivity-focused smartwatch that improves people's time management, so they can spend time on the things that matter to them most. Their mission is to change people's opinions on time for a more fulfilling life by showing users the countdown of their most important tasks and the goals of the day, the week and even the year.

Xvisio Technology

Xvisio Technology innovates the underlying technologies for XR and Robotics using VSLAM and multi-sensor fusion. Its high-speed, high-precision XR Vision and Robot Vision products have won numerals awards and recognition globally, including CES 2019 Innovation Award, Top 10 Machine Vision Solution of 2018 Award and Disruptive Technology Award. Its solution has been widely adopted by the fields of AR/MR HMD, robots, and drones for its superior 6DoF tracking capability. Its technology leadership and market validation put itself in an excellent trajectory for accelerated future growth.

CENTI HITS(Hi! Tech Season)originated from London and will reach out to more cities in Europe and China, aims at promoting European advanced technology to the Chinese market, facilitating industrial communication, technology transfer, and business collaborations between China and Europe. If you are interested to explore China, please contact us at


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