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CENTI's programmes are designed for companies of all sizes (from startups to corporates) who are interested in the Chinese market. Whether you are just starting to look into the Chinese market or if you are ready to enter the market, you will find one of our programmes useful.


CENTI Events

China-Europe Startup Challenge

A serial programme supported by different China city government and co-host with CENTI, enables EU startups directly access to the cash reward, China government-led direct funding, local VCs, China insight trip and roadshow and incubation service in China. ​3-4 series a year with 3-4 top tier cities in China, open to all level of startups in the EU.

28th, Mar 2019

May 2019- September 2019

July 2019- September 2019


CENTI Events

China Roadshow

The China Roadshow is a series of events hosted by CENTI. The roadshow is ideal for early-stage companies interested in the Chinese market and wants to connect with Chinese VCs and governments.

CENTI Events

China Insight trip

For corporates and SMEs that are interested in the Chinese market, CENTI designed the China Insight Trip which aims to introduce the most relevant insights and resources for clients. The goal of these trips is to provide insights through discussions, workshops and corporate visits in China that is tailored to each client. 


CENTI Events

Hi! Tech Season

Welcome to CENTI Hi! Tech Season (HITS), together with global innovators and tech enthusiasts to shape tomorrow’s world.



CENTI Events

A 2-month programme with partners in both Europe and China aims to help later-stage companies (post-series A, mature product/service) with their expansion into the Chinese market.


China-Europe Serial

Accelerator Programme

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