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CENTI’s New Strategic Partner: CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park

On 15 May, 2020, CENTI Group and CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen, China.

CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park project is the first industrial park project of CIMC in Shenzhen. On 14 June, 2018, Shenzhen CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. successfully acquired the industrial land No. A621-0043 in Guangming New District at a total price of RMB 274 million. The site covers an area of 27,800 square meters with a total construction area of 138,700 square meters. It is located northeast of the junction of Guangming Avenue and Longda Expressway in Guangming New District and situated within one of the 17 key development areas in Shenzhen, the Phoenix area of Guangming New District and at the centre of Guangshen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. The project is positioned as China's first world-class low-orbit satellite IoT industrial park with convenient transportation, perfect supporting facilities and a pleasant environment.

Low-orbital satellite IoT industry belongs to the satellite application industry, one of the three trending industries that Shenzhen vigorously develop and also the key industry that is strongly welcomed and encouraged in the Guangming New District. Relying on corporate's industrial advantages, CIMC intends to build an industrial cluster with satellite application and satellite IoT application as leading directions, mainly covering the four fields as " On-orbit-satellite research and test, Satellite communication equipment development, Satellite IoT application service and Industrial innovation support service", and become a satellite IoT industry cluster that radiates the nation.

CENTI (China-Europe Networks of technology and Innovation) is a cross-border advisory firm connecting Europe and China. CENTI’s goal is to help companies in Europe to expand into China and vice versa through advisory services.This includes helping Chinese corporates who are looking for investment and collaboration opportunities in Europe and creating a cross-border ecosystem with the aim to facilitate tech transfer. With presence China, particularly in Shanghai and Shenzhen, CENTI is providing access to the most exciting business areas in China: Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui and Zhejiang) and the Greater Bay Area (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau).CENTI focuses on introducing international innovation business formats to China, assisting governments, enterprises and real estate groups to build an international industrial innovation ecology, promoting the development of China's science and technology industry and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Combining its experience in operating cross-border innovation centers and online innovation platforms, the company has built its core competencies through differentiation and specialization, and imported customized innovative operating solutions and advanced physical space management business models for the local market.

According to this strategic cooperation, CENTI will import and introduce overseas quality projects and enterprises, European university innovation centres and R&D institutions to settle in Shenzhen CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park and organize promotional activities for Shenzhen CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park in Europe.

The cooperation aims to enhance the international level of Shenzhen Centric Low-Track Satellite IoT Industrial Park through overseas investment promotional meetings, various European science and technology activities and overseas job fairs for enterprises, etc.

CENTI will provide professional European investigation and exchange opportunities for Shenzhen CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park based on CENTI's extensive network of scientific and creative resources developed over the years in Europe and the rich experience in undertaking hundreds of business connections and seminars.

CENTI has been actively exploring and exchanging overseas high-level talents through cooperation with local and European search and recruitment platforms. CENTI will actively promote the international image of Shenzhen to recruit cross-border high-end talents for Shenzhen CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park through mobilizing cross-border technology data centres and talent databases as well.

According to the industrial development plan of CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park, CENTI will contribute to the European resource gathering for CIMC, perform a vital role in incubating project selection and industrialization docking work as well as establish the offshore incubation centre for CIMC.

Mr. Zhang Yiping (left), Board Member of CIMC and Mr. Zai Chengfeng (right), Founder and CEO of CENTI Group, had an in-depth discussion on the strategic cooperation at the signing ceremony.

CENTI Group aims to achieve cooperating intentions in terms of project enterprise resources, overseas talents, science and technology innovation, European promotional activities and so on.We are trying to build the CIMC Low Orbit Satellite IoT Industrial Park into a flagship project in Shenzhen and even in the Greater Bay Area by playing respective advantages.

CENTI Group will also continue to liaise with European innovation centers to build a platform, a bridge and a community for the exchange of talents among global enterprises to promote international exchange and cooperation. CENTI will as well proceed its efforts in matching government's R&D centers with large enterprises to promote cooperation between R&D centers and large enterprises on scientific research topics and achieve a win-win situation.


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