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Yongkang City


Cooperated with Yongkang Municipal Government, Yongkang set up the China - Yongkang Europe Talent Innovation Centre in the UK since 2021, aiming to provide more opportunities to learn from each other and explore potential cooperation opportunities. With favourable talent support, an entrepreneurial environment, and investing services from Yongkang, the Talent Innovation Center will facilitate technological cooperation and business development between the EU and Yongkang.  




Yongkang is located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, with more than a thousand scientific and technological enterprises.  In recent years, Yongkang has focused on developing the manufacturing industry and technology R & D. It has created a solid manufacturing industry foundation. Industrial Development. Yongkang aims to build a highland of "creating world-class hardware products, gathering world-famous hardware products, gathering worldwide hardware talents, cultivating world-famous hardware enterprises, and creating world-famous hardware exhibitions". Strive to create "the quality and vitality of Yongkang, the capital of hardware in the world".

Yongkang builds a high-level innovation platform which includes the Modern Hardware Electronics Collaborative Innovation Platform and the Lizhou Research Institute. It also creates five technology research institutes of industrial design, new materials, life & health, electronic information, and forestry and grass equipment. Yongkang is also improving the service system of the provincial-level hardware industry innovation service complex e.g. Yongkang Smart Door (lock) Collaborative Innovation Center and attracting technology incubators and accelerators to join the platform.

Yongkang’s technology sector is coordinated by the industrial chain, focusing on the strengths of universities, research institutes, and enterprises to create a first-class innovation environment. Yongkang holds different industrial design competitions, innovation challenges, high-tech achievement exhibitions and industrial design exhibitions etc to establish an open and inclusive scientific and technological cooperation ecosystem. Yongkang is to promote technology bridging and gather innovative elements such as high-end talents and new technologies to leverage innovation resources to boost high-quality industrial development.

Benefits of connecting with Yongkang:


  • Up to 1 million RMB of venture capital can be obtained.

  • Free talent apartments arrangement for and housing subsidy. 

  • Assistance to introduce high-end talent employees, and support in settling down, children's enrollment, spouse employment and other life support.​

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