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The China Roadshow is a series of events hosted by CENTI. The roadshow is ideal for early-stage companies interested in the Chinese market and wants to connect with Chinese VCs and governments.


CENTI China Roadshow


  • Applications will be submitted online and selected by the CENTI team.

  • The goal of the roadshows is to give European companies increased exposure to the tech ecosystem in China, CENTI organizes 3-4 roadshows in China each year, taking 8-10 companies each time. 

  •  Companies will visit 2-4 major cities in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Xiamen, Qingdao etc.) over 8-10 days and pitch to selected investors and government representatives.

  • The aim of these roadshows is to help clients with their expansion into China, through the following:

- Provide clients with more insight into the Chinese market.

- Help clients select where to set up in China, provide exposure to local governments which can help with obtaining government support in the future. 

- Connect clients to potential investors, business partners and corporates.

- After the trip to China, the CENTI team will follow up with all the clients, providing feedback from different parties and also supporting any additional activities that the client has in China.

Roadshow Highlights

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