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Who we are

Tech Shenzhen Advocates (TSzA) is the second GTA network in China and introduced one of the country’s fastest-growing tech cities, Shenzhen, to the Tech China Advocates.

China has emerged as one of the world’s leading tech nations, with investment and scaling potential to rival Silicon Valley. Working closely with the tech community in the Great Bay Area, TSzA acting as a bridge linking the cutting-edge technology from China to the world.

Group lead

Kelly Chan

Head of Belguim, CENTI Group

As well as leading Tech Shenzhen Advocates, Kelly is Head of Belgium at CENTI Group (China-Europe Networks of technology and Innovation).

Track Record

On March, 2019, TSzA hosted Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation European Layout Dialogue Forum. In the forum, Russ Shaw, founder of GTA, delivered a speech on "European Technology Innovation Topics" and awarded CENTI Group as a founding member of GTA China and will assume the mission of connecting China, Europe and the world in tech innovation exchanges and cooperation.

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