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Global Tech Advocates (GTA) is the only truly international grassroots tech community, with a network spanning the world’s fastest-growing tech cities. GTA is the voice of the tech sector, championing the growth of tech ecosystems and campaigning to address challenges facing tech companies around the world.

The network now has over 30,000 tech leaders, experts and investors in multiple tech cities and regions worldwide. GTA has 33 branches on the international map, each of which is led by local influential advocates of the Science Foundation, bringing together the regional science and technology innovation community for multi-form and multi-field collaborative empowerment. GTA is equivalent to an innovative platform with global influence and appeal, where the global science and technology community and resources converge and win-win.

Tech China Advocates

Tech China Advocates' mission is to connect Chinese innovation start-ups and its leading companies, investors and universities with innovators and institutions around the world.


Tech China Advocates (TCA) was operated by China Europe Networks of Technology and Innovation ( CENTI Group ). So far, CENTI Group has successfully launched 5 Advocates Group including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuxi and Hong Kong.


Over 1000 advocates had joined TCA bringing together a joint effort to promote tech collaboration across the tech industry to build up tech passion and booming in China. TCA local groups will host a series of events that bring together tech enthusiasts, investors, and stakeholders to explore the tech future developments in China. 


Tech Shanghai Advocates (TShA) is the headquarter of Tech China Advocates and it is also the first GTA network in China. TShA is a gateway for tech entrepreneurs in Shanghai to connect with the global tech ecosystems.

TShA held the largest launch event in 2018, with 500 local entrepreneurs, investors and government officials gathering in Pudong, Shanghai’s financial district. Since launching, TShA also led London Tech Week in China, bringing the tech festival to Asia for the first time.


Tech Shenzhen Advocates (TSzA) is the second GTA network in China and introduced one of the country’s fastest-growing tech cities, Shenzhen, to the Tech China Advocates.

China has emerged as one of the world’s leading tech nations, with investment and scaling potential to rival Silicon Valley. Working closely with the tech community in the Great Bay Area, TSzA acting as a bridge linking the cutting-edge technology from China to the world.


Tech Chengdu Advocates (TChA) stands as a pivotal force within China's tech landscape, serving as the vibrant heartbeat of innovation in one of the country's rapidly growing tech hubs, Chengdu. As a prominent member of the China's tech network, TChA brings forth the dynamism and potential of Chengdu's tech ecosystem to the forefront of the global tech conversation.

Chengdu has emerged as a beacon of technological progress within China, showcasing immense investment opportunities. TChA plays a crucial role, acting as a vital link between the cutting-edge advancements in Chengdu's tech sphere and the wider world.


Tech Wuxi Advocates (TWxA) stands as a formidable entity within China's tech landscape, championing innovation and progress in the flourishing tech hub of Wuxi. As an integral part of China's tech ecosystem, TWxA is at the forefront of connecting Wuxi's burgeoning technological advancements with the global tech arena.


Wuxi has rapidly emerged as a beacon of innovation and investment potential, rivalling renowned tech hubs worldwide. TWxA plays a pivotal role as a bridge, linking the cutting-edge developments within Wuxi's tech sector to the broader international stage.

We also set up our Global Tech Advocates China Hub in Wuxi. The China Hub is located in the Yangtze River Delta (Wuxi) International Talent Hub to be the first stop for the GTA members to access to the China tech ecosystem. 


Tech Hong Kong Advocates (THKA) stands as a leading force within the vibrant tech ecosystem of Hong Kong, positioning itself as a catalyst for innovation and technological advancement in the region. As an integral part of the global tech network, THKA showcases Hong Kong's unparalleled potential and dynamism in the tech sphere.

Hong Kong has firmly established itself as a thriving tech hub, attracting significant investments and boasting a rapidly evolving tech landscape. THKA serves as a vital link, bridging the gap between Hong Kong's cutting-edge advancements in technology and the global stage.


The Healthtech Group within Tech China Advocates (TCA) serves as a pioneering force at the intersection of healthcare and technology, spearheading advancements that revolutionize the healthcare landscape across China. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and progress, this specialized group within TCA focuses on harnessing technology to address critical challenges and elevate healthcare standards throughout the nation.


As China's healthcare sector undergoes significant transformation, the Healthtech Group plays a pivotal role in driving this evolution by fostering collaboration among experts, startups, healthcare providers, and tech enthusiasts. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI, telemedicine, wearable devices, and data analytics, the group pioneers solutions that enhance patient care, optimize healthcare delivery, and create more accessible and efficient healthcare systems.

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