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Advisory Services

CENTI provides advisory services to clients looking for funding

Leveraging our expertise and networks in Europe and China, we are strongly placed to help those who are looking for cross-border expansion and/or capital. 

Soft landing ​Services

  • Location selection, based on industry focus

  • Government subsidies application support


China Market Expansion

  • Market education

  • Commercial development

  • Legal, finance and recruitment consulting

  • Accelerator programmes

  • IP structure advisory

  • R&D policy and resource advisory

  • 1 on 1 meeting with China experts


Business Plan​ Consulting

  • Chinese pitch deck and business plan

  • Plan execution

  • Market reports/online resources


Case Study - Project Echo: ongoing

CENTI provided services to one of the leading producers of microcontrollers in AI Voice recognition in the UK, which had existing clients and manufacturing infrastructure in China. The company were aiming to accelerate its growth in the Chinese market. To help them, CENTI advised on their Chinese strategy as well as identifying and negotiating with strategic investors in China.

CENTI connected the company to over 20 potential partners/investors in 4 months. This includes tech companies ranked top 5 and investors ranked top 5 in the China AI semiconductor industry. Apart from business partners, CENTI also connected the company to the relevant government departments and industrial zones in China.

Case Study

Successfully connected companies

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