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Wuxi CENTI HITS Startup Business Tour - to show the Actual Chinese Enterprises

On the afternoon of May 7th, as part of CENTI HITS Meeting, CENTI China team arranged a “Wuxi Business Deep Tour” for the overseas project teams. With the exploring Manufacturing, Health Education and other industries in Wuxi, CENTI helped projects to meet with potential partners and build networks in China.

The first stop - CENTI European Technology Innovation Center (Wuxi Sub-center)

After the project showcased on the morning of the May 7th, CENTI Chinese team lead the projects to CENTI European Technology Innovation Center, which located in Wuxi Xidong New City Business District Planning Hall. From the sand table, the expert group identified the places that have been visited in the past few days. They amazed by the rapid development of the business district, when Staffs introduced the history and future planning of Xidong New Town.

Then, the expert group visited achievement exhibition of Wuxi Sub-center. The exhibition hall displayed the important cooperation contents of CENTI and Wuxi Xidong New City Business District through various advanced equipment.

The second stop - SUNRA E-Vehicle

Then, the experts group rushed to the Wuxi headquarters of the SUNRA E-Vehicle, which is the leader in Chinese Electric Vehicle Industry, also the top high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. During this meeting, the group were hosted by Mr. Sheng Wang, the dean of the SUNRA E-Vehicle Research Institute. Firstly, they visited the latest product line and took turns to test drive experience of the Electric Vehicle.

After that, the group went to the 3D printing workshop. Regarding to the latest product of E-Vehicle, 3D printing technology has been perfectly used in the manufacturing process.

Finally, in the conference room, R&D department of the SUNRA briefly introduced the market condition of electric vehicles in China and invited European experts to share their ideas. Through the heated discussion, the 3D printing additive technology from the TRIDITIVE project in Europe has aroused the strong interest of the SUNRA, which might lead to their first order in China.

TRIDITIVE’s CEO Mariel Diaz Castro indicated that “China is a very attractive market for setting up the factory and manufacturing the machines. ”

Also shared electric vehicle department had a preliminary discussion with iAnd Technology on the possible cooperation, and both sides have gained a lot from the communication.

The third stop – Wuxi Xishan People's Hospital

During the visit of Xishan People's Hospital, the expert teams were warmly welcomed by the Dean Mr. Sun and Mr. Chen. They accompanied the group to visit the hospital's ultrasound, neurology, and laboratory departments, as well as the intensive care unit and inpatient department. The hospitality was refurbished in January 2018. The new hospital building and state-of-the-art equipment reflect the continuous improvement of the domestic medical environment. The founders of medical projects in London expressed their surprise to advanced equipment and convenience hospital environment in China by comparing British Healthcare system.

However, in China, the hospitals’ system is incompatible and separate. As to this problem, Encode Health's medical record passport system would be greatly helpful, of which it could share information between hospitals.

Costas Fantis, CEO of Encode Health expressed his vision of collaborating: “Aiding China in general to reach its 2020 objectives Medical devices: - there is a massive market that we feel we could help with efficiencies and research to improve products.”

Dual Good Health's medical curriculum VR program has also attracted a lot of interest from the hospital for improving the internal training of the hospital and reducing the cost of training. After the brief meeting, the representatives of hospital and the expert groups exchanged their contact information in order to promote follow-up cooperation.

About Wuxi, the Co-founder & CEO of Dual Good Health, Anna Stoilova said: “Fascinating Innovation and digitalisation of the Wuxi area, very impresses by the people and culture of the region.”

The fourth stop – Wuxi United International School

At the end of the tour, CENTI China Team took the educational technology project Zzish to Wuxi United International School. During the visit to the campus, the representatives of the School and experts discussed the similarities and differences between the Chinese and British campus students.

Charles Wiles, CEO of Zzish mentioned ”We have a strong desire to enter the Chinese market as soon as possible.”

For the entrepreneurs, the deep business tour allowed a better understanding to the Chinese culture and business environment. Furthermore, the trip to Wuxi provide the visitors face to face experience with the local partners in China, as well as had exposure to potential investors.

The aim of Wuxi CENTI HITS is to build the bridge between Wuxi enterprises and European technology experts. We expect that soon the cross-broader communication will lead to mutual benefits cooperation.


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