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Tianjin Hedong District Government Delegation visit CENTI in London

On June 14, the delegation from Tianjin Hedong District Government came to visit London branch of CENTI Group (China – Europe Networks Technology and Innovation Limited). 

Mrs. Jinping Tian, District Mayor of Tianjin Hedong People's Government, Mrs. Ariel Zhao Partner and Deputy Head of UK in CENTI

The representatives included Mrs. Jinping Tian, District Mayor of Tianjin Hedong People's Government, Mrs. Wei Wu, Director of General Office in Tianjin Hedong People's Government, Mr. Zhihe Xue, Director of Tianjin Hedong Human Resources And Society Security Bureau and Mr. Xiaofeng, Ding, Director of Tianjin Hedong People's Government Office for Cooperation and Exchange Affairs. The Partner & Deputy Head of UK, Mrs. Ariel Zhao warmly welcome the visit of the delegation.

After communicating the development and current focuses of CENTI Group, District Mayor Mrs. Tian emphasised that, Hedong District takes talent development as the first priority, which means training program should be highly valued. Apart from that, she explained that how the policy would benefit to the tech talents in Tianjin Hedong District.

Hedong District is one of the downtown areas in Tianjin, which lasts more than 800 years. It witnessed the birth, development and prosperity of Tianjin. Hedong District has unique geographical location functions, resources, transportation and cultural advantages. It is an important hub for the development of technology near the capital city Beijing.

Next, Mrs. Ariel Zhao,  the Partner & Deputy Head of UK, introduced the main projects and development of CENTI in the UK and throughout Europe,  including cooperation with tech communities in the UK and Europe like Global Tech Advocates, TechUK. Besides that, she mentioned that the following training programs and Insight trip between China and Europe.

Delegation from Tianjin Hedong District Government

Finally, The District Mayor of the Hedong also proposed the key development guidelines of Hedong District, combined with the business cooperation with CENTI, including proposals of building high-tech zone by attracting talents and business training programs. She believed that the strong appeal of the China-EU technology connections would help to establish further collaboration in investment and incubation areas. In that case, CENTI will be the properate platform to connect Tianjin Hedong District and Europe in technology areas.


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