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The Launch of Greater Bay X Scalerator program in London Tech Week

On June 11, CENTI Group, Greater Bay Ventures & Advisors and TusMaker Global Network jointly organized the Breakfast meeting as one of the series activities during London Technology Week in 2019 - Urban Mobility in China in London. In this meeting, Greater Bay X Scalerator program, a mobility and smart city accelerator from Greater Bay Area was successfully launched in London Tech Week.

This event aims to provide a communication platform for start-ups to increase their income and meet with investors in mobility and smart city sectors. Furthermore, the event would like to attract tech enterprises who is aiming at expanding their business into China. All the industries can access to China market from the "Greater Bay Area", which covers nine cities in southern China and two special administration Region, Hong Kong and Macao.

Mr. John Zai, founder and CEO of CENTI

Mr. John Zai, the founder and CEO of CENTI Group, started the meeting with an opening remark. First of all, he introduced the significance of Greater Bay area as an important strategic spot in expanding the Chinese market for the tech corporates. Mr. John Zai stated that “It is a great honor for us to cooperate with the Greater Bay X to launch Greater Bay X Scalerator Program, during London Tech Week. And let the European market recognize more high-quality industries with Chinese characteristics. ”

Furthermore, Mr. John Zai addressed that CENTI will help European enterprises to open up the Chinese market and promote Chinese enterprises to innovate and expand overseas sources.

Russ Shaw, the founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates

Russ Shaw, the founder of Tech London Advocates and Global Tech Advocates, said in a speech: "For all entrepreneurs, scaling up is critical.

The Greater Bay Area is a booming area and one of the regions with the highest degree of openness and the strongest economic vitality in China. ”

The launch of the Greater Bay X Scalerator is not only a reflection of the expansion of the industry in China, but also an opportunity to build a stronger international cooperation relationship for the European market.

GreaterBayX CEO Tony Verb

Later, Tony Verb, CEO of Greater BayX, introduced the Greater BayX Scalerator program in more detail. Greater Bay Area covers nine cities in southern China and two special administration Region, Hong Kong and Macao. It has an important strategic position in the national development.

Greater Bay X Scalerator mainly focuses on the development direction of smart city and mobility area. It will work closely together to participate in the construction of "one belt and one road", to build a modern industrial system.

Greater Bay X Scalerator takes the form of “888” –which core is eight weeks, eight projects and eight major investment institutions from the Greater Bay Area. Furthermore, Greater Bay X Scalerator links European innovative enterprises with the resource of China, and gradually becomes a world-class Bay Area.

TusMaker Global Network Chairman Zhang Huishi

Finally, TusMaker Global Network Chairman Huishi Zhang introduced TusMaker Global Network, a new global pioneer of TGN. TGN has created a global network of industry acceleration and investment service platform on international linkage. It has built a global service space and innovative investment institutions,which covering customer space, incubators, industry accelerator and industry guidance fund. TGN is dedicated to connecting innovations in China and international markets, as well as setting up local innovation centers to provide services to local innovation companies.

After the meeting, all the participants and Greater Bay X team exchanged and discussed the future technology and innovation area that China is striving to build, Greater Bay Area, and the operation mode and opportunities of the accelerator.

At the same time, Greater Bay Area made more people realize the inclusiveness of the Chinese market, as well as the important role of CENTI in cross-border business cooperation between China and Europe. CENTI can not only provide high-quality European technology start-ups with access to Chinese marketing, but also provide European start-ups with links to Chinese.


CENTI Group(China-Europe Networks of technology and Innovation) is a cross-border platform connecting European technology start-ups and SMEs with the Chinese market. We work with investors, governments and tech enthusiasts around the world to help companies with their Fundraising, Market Expansion, Property Management (innovation spaces, incubators). Through our core services, we have created one of the largest ecosystem/networkbetween Europe and China (and greater Asia) that is now facilitating the transfer of technology, ideas, and talent between the continents.If you are interested in expanding your business into China, please contact us (


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