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The 20th China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit in London Tech Week

London Tech Week, Europe's largest technology event, officially opened in Britain on June 10. More than 1000 people from all walks of life, including outstanding entrepreneurship leaders, industry elites, investors, entrepreneurship community leaders and representatives of government agencies, were invited to participate in a series of events from London Tech Week. LTW attracted more than 55,000 participants from 90 countries to participate in more than 300 events.

The 20th China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit (CHINAOCS2019) hosted in London on June 12 during London Tech Week, which attracted wide attention from the societies in China and the UK. This event is co-organized by Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone, CHINAOCS London Representative Office and the British-Chinese Youth Entrepreneurship Association. It shared the future world of technology with global innovators and technological leaders.

The 20th China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit is a state-level talent introduction platform guided by the working group on the introduction of overseas high-level talents. It is sponsored by the Dalian Municipal Committee and the municipal government of China. The Dalian High-tech Zone is responsible for the specific implementation. Since its establishment, CHINAOCS has attracted more than 35,000 overseas students and 3900 international businessmen from 63 countries and regions. CHINAOCS has made achievements that over 3500 overseas students have returned to China to take up their posts through and more than 7000 overseas students have made a series of gratifying accomplishments such as returning to China and starting businesses and have obtained significant economic and social benefits. At present, CHINAOCS has become an important platform for talent exchange and capital convergence at home and abroad, global innovative technology exhibition, and technology start-up enterprises to explore the market.

Promotional Video of CHINAOCS2019

At the promotion meeting, Mr. John Zai, Chairman of China-UK Young Entrepreneurs Association and CEO of CENTI Group, introduced the CHINAOCS Project to the local Chinese Chamber of Commerce, overseas students and entrepreneurship team. At the same time, he introduced the " CHINAOCS project” policy and the innovative entrepreneurship environment of Dalian. The participants at the conference showed high attention and recognition to the venture investment environment and CHINAOCS Platform in Dalian.

John Zai, The Founder and CEO of CENTI Group

Since its establishment in 2018, CHINAOCS Overseas Workstation (London Station) has always adhered to the internationalization, pragmatic and efficient development policy and devoted itself to promoting CHINAOCS Project in London. Through a series of activities such as overseas promotion, and online project show, it has made in-depth contacts with local groups of overseas students and technological talent institutions and has attracted a number of outstanding overseas students.

Zhao Xinsheng, Representative Director of Jiangsu Economic and Trade Representative Office in the United Kingdom (Left)

At the meeting, Mr. Zhao Xinsheng, Representative Director of Jiangsu Economic and Trade Representative Office in the United Kingdom, made a wonderful experience to share with everyone. Mr. Zhao recalled the experience of studying abroad years ago, which made an empathy with the present guests. Subsequently, he pointed out that the establishment of an international cooperation network and an international exchange platform are the necessary trends of an open economic market environment. He believes that everyone present has a very large international resource network and it would be better if we pay more attention to the domestic policy of attracting international investment, which the opportunities might from the plans of domestic career development.

Finally, the experienced industry leaders of British-Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association and the guests present have conducted in-depth communication on technology exchange, innovation and entrepreneurship. CHINAOCS always welcomes new ideas and strengths with the vigorous growth of entrepreneurial vitality and increasingly perfect entrepreneurial ecology in the future development process, which contribute to promoting scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship.


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