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The 2019 China Haimen investment promotion seminar successfully hosted in Munich

At 5pm, August 27th, the 2019 Haimen Overseas Investment Promotion Conference in Europe was successfully held at Qualimero GmbH Business Centre, Munich. Under the leadership of CENTI partner and deputy general manager Ms. Zhao Ruotong, Mr. Gao Hongjun, senior consulting of Haimen People’s Government; Mr. Jing Yuhui, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Haimen Economic and Technological Development Zone, and other leaders came to the German technology centre- Munich to attend This promotion conference.

The promotion conference aims to introduce the Haimen and Haimen Economic and Technological Development Zone to the world. CENTI helped to host two events, from London to Munich, we brought the‘The most innovative city in China’Jiangsu Haimen to Europe technology centre.

During the event, Mr. Gao Hongjun, the representative of Haimen Municipal Government, made the opening remark. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the guests in Munich and CENTI Group, the organizer of the conference, for the success of the London presentation.

Haimen Municipal Government-Mr. Gao Hongjun

In the end of the speech, on behalf of Haimen Municipal Government, Mr. Gao Hongjun sent a sincere invitation to high-level scientific and technological talents and enterprises in Europe. Haimen promised the highest quality policies and the most perfect guarantee for high-quality talents and enterprises. He welcomed all talents and technology companies to settle in Haimen.

Then, the vice president of NIO Automobile Europe, Mr. Zhang Hui, made a speech. NIO Automobile is a Chinese automobile manufacturer, headquartered in Shanghai, specializing in designing and developing electric autonomous vehicles. Mr. Zhang warmly welcomed the Haimen delegation, highly commented the vitality and potential of Haimen in the recent development.

the vice president of NIO Automobile Europe-Mr. Zhang Hui

On behalf of Die Chinesische Handelskammer in Deutschland e. V. (CHKD), he expressed his gratitude to the guests who arrived the event, and it is worthwhile to come and build successful cooperation. Then, he explained that, as the first federal-level authority in German, CHKD aims at represent Chinese-owned companies in Germany. It was the first overseas chamber of commerce established in Europe and the establishment was officially announced by Premier Li Keqiang during his visit to Germany in May 2013.

China recently accepted more than 500 new investments from Germany. As the witness of cooperation and interaction of China and German technology, next week, Merkel will visit China for the 12th time. Based on this situation, Mr. Zhang believed that the technology and investment environment in Haimen would be highly improved in near future. The communication of technology between China and German has become more frequently.

After the opening speeches of the Chinese and German sides, the German project teams began their pitches. This time, there are 3 Chinese technology representative projects covering biomedicine, architectural design, environmental protection technology and other fields.

Project 1- CEM high performance architectural design

The first project came from Shanghai Chenshi Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. The project representative was Ms. Chen Manyue.

CEM high performance architectural design by Ms.Chen

Ms. Chen introduced their CEM high-performance architectural design – a new concept of architectural design based on green energy and energy saving engineering. The design not only focus on the traditional Chinese architecture style but also enhance the user experience and awareness of energy saving.

Based on the concept of the design, the CEM team are also looking forward to building a high-performance and clean energy community according to the national policies, which will speed up the progress of urbanization, introduce solar technology, smart internet and green travel to increase citizens’quality of life.

In Q&A section, delegation from Haimen expressed that modern architecture has always been an important industry in the Haimen Development Zone. The architectures are also a demonstrative modern architecture industrial park in Jiangsu Province. There will be many exchanges and business opportunities in the future.

Project 2- Fluorescent Flash Test

The second project came from Ms. Xin Shan, a molecular biology PhD student at the University of Munich. She introduced a new technology of disease of detection – Fluorescent Flash Test, a new way of diagnosis brucellosis (a highly contagious zoonosis caused by ingestion of unpasteurized milk or undercooked meat from infected animal).

The introduction of fluorescent flash test technology and fluorescent flash detection card will improve the situation by increasing detection rate and creating information network. The technology aims to help those people who are in close contact with livestock, creating a better prevention and self-detected system. The product has been placed in customs, hospitals and food quarantine stations, and looking forward to covering more places in China.

Fluorescent Flash Test by Ms. Xin

Haimen also attaches great importance to medical technology, and Haimen has assistance projects for Yili. There is a large livestock market and Haimen government is happy to help with the matchmaking. The vaccine project is in the research and development stage, and it is also the first vaccine for brucellosis disease. Haimen has established 2 billion health medical industry funds, medical care is the investment direction, looking forward to the future cooperation.

Project 3- Application of advanced plasma technology in medical treatment, environmental protection and other fields

The third project came from Dr. Li Yangfang, PhD from China University of Science and Technology and shareholder of Terraplasma GmbH, Germany. He introduced the advanced plasma technology project, plasma technology is now widely used in many fields including: medical beauty, aerospace, environmental purification, agriculture, etc. The project is now focusing on agriculture and medical beauty industry. By implementing plasma technology, the cultivation environment of crops and the quality of production have been significantly improved. In the field of medical beauty, plasma technology is also widely used in European countries for skin repair technology, and the prices of related products are more user-friendly and cost-effective.

Application of advanced plasma technology in medical treatment, environmental protection and other fields by Dr.Li

The Haimen delegation is very optimistic about the market for medical beauty equipment and said that medical equipment is also Haimen's focused investment industry.

Representatives of German technology companies were invited at the conference:

Mr. Wang Xiaozhi, Informative regional director, Huawei Germany Co., Ltd. Ms. Wang Bing, HR Project Consultant, WZR Legal Group Germany. Mr. Zhang Hui, Vice President of NIO Automobile Europe, NIO Automobile Germany. Ms. Yu Lu, Head of department of China, Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. Mr. Zhang Jun, General Manager assistant and HR Manager, Minth GmbH. Mr. Qi Yan, Project Manager, SD Investment and Education Consulting Company and Ms. Wang Fang, Christine Wang Consulting.

Special business representative: Mr. Dong Changhua, Director of the Bavarian China Center. Mr. Xiufei Liu, Director of Zibo Hanhai Munich Science and Technology Park and Ms. Liu Aiyun, Zibo Hanhai Munich Science and Technology Park.

At the end of the event, Ms. Zhao Ruotong, partner of CENTI Group and the deputy head of the UK, delivered a closing speech. First of all, she was especially grateful to the co-organizer of the event, the CHKD, and was very grateful to Mr. Zhang Hui who took the time to attend the event.

Partner of CENTI Group and the deputy head of the UK- Ms. Zhao Ruotong

At the same time, she mentioned that in the second half of this year, CENTI will hold a series of Chinese-European technology-related activities in China and European cities, as well as helping overseas governments to organize overseas promotion and innovation entrepreneurship competitions. In addition, at the end of this year, a new innovation center will be opened in Brussels, Belgium where the headquarter of EU located. In the future, CENTI will continue to explore potential cooperation and investment opportunities between China and Europe, and continue to select more high-quality technology projects, and practically promote more cross-border technology exchanges.


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