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Getting comprehensive overseas talent support from Dalian Hi Tech Zone - OSE Plan

Overseas Scholar Entrepreneurship Plan(“OSE Plan” for short) is an entrepreneurship incubation talent policy of Dalian Hi-Tech Zone Administrative Commission to attract overseas high-level talents, with the aim of creating district advantage, promoting self-innovation and industry-upgrade by setting up government guide fund. Since its first organization in 2009, OSE Plan has been successfully held for 10 years and has totally supported 195 high-level scholars for practical entrepreneurship, disbursing an accumulated special fund of 130 million yuan.

OSE Plan emphasizes on digital industry, clean energy, life health, intelligent manufacturing, marine technology and cultural creation, etc. It provides a series of support for project initiators and core team members who own independent intellectual property and has obtained at least the master’s degree overseas or have R&D and management experience or successful entrepreneurship experience in overseas universities, scientific institutions and famous enterprises. It provides start-up capital 200,000 yuan, 10 million yuan free R&D capital at most and scholar apartment within 100 m², as well as a full-chain services including office space, apartment, business registration, financial loan, etc. to comprehensively help overseas talents with entrepreneurship. With a series of effective measures of OSE Plan, the talents introduced by CHINAOCS have got great achievements in some High-Tech industries, such as software information industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, new material, etc., some of whom have become the leading roles in the industry.

In addition, Dalian City has released the “5+22” talent policy to support high-level talents to make achievements with greatest sincerity, best service and highest platform. It supports 5 million yuan for top talent teams, 4 million yuan for leading talent teams, 3 million yuan for innovation teams in critical industries, and encourage enterprises to introduce overseas experts, high-level talents and excellent overseas scholars. “5+22” also provides a series of support services including entrepreneurship financing, residential service and settlement compensation, etc.

CENTI Online China-Europe Startup Challenges at Dalian

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CHINAOCS London Branch is operated by CENTI Group. Since 2018, CENTI has been committed to promoting CHINAOCS in Europe. Reaching out to local technology start up and overseas students in the Europe, CHINAOCS London Branch has attracted several registrations of innovation projects and lead to further substantive cooperation. In 2019, the "Smart Bill of Lading" project recommended by the CENTI Group was shortlisted in the tenth batch of “excellent projects in CHINAOCS”.

In 2020, to strengthen the bridge between oversea students and CHINAOCS, CENTI Group will continue to recruit high-quality science and technology projects in the Europe for CHINAOCS.


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