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CHINAOCS, a carrier for Dalian City to introduce advanced innovation talents for 20 years

China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit (“CHINAOCS” for short) is an important carrier for Dalian City to introduce advanced innovation talents, scientific entrepreneurs and excellent young talents. It started in 2000 and became a national talent-introducing platform in 2010.

For 20 years, CHINAOCS is always expanding the vision of introducing overseas talents. It has already established 6 overseas stations in Silicon Valley, Boston and Seattle(America), London(England), Vancouver(Canada) and Tokyo(Japan), and has built stable cooperation with more than 40 overseas institutions. Now, CHINAOCS has become an important communication and exchange platform for capital, innovative technology and overseas talents.

CHINAOCS has been held for 20 years, which attracted more than 35,000 overseas scholars and 3,900 foreign merchants from 63 countries and regions, proceeded cooperation with nearly 47,000 enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions and signed about 8,900 contracts. More than 4,000 overseas scholars come back domestic to work; around 7,000 overseas scholars have established more than 4,900 enterprises and created almost 100,000 jobs in Dalian. About 300 famous investment institution have participated in CHINAOCS, including Shenzhen Capital Group, Sequoia Capital, Green Pine Capital, Shunwei Capital, ZhenFund, Cybernaut, China Equity Group, China Youth Venture Capital and Infinity Group, etc.

According to the deployment of China's national talent-introducing strategy and the high-quality development of Dalian economy, 2020 CHINAOCS re-inspect, re-position and re-plan with the mission of “Introduce overseas talents to Dalian, encourage overseas entrepreneurship in China”. Following the activity principles of marketization, professionalization, internationalization and premiumisation, it continues to attract overseas talents return, push forward the implementation of projects and boost regional development. It will focus on talents, projects and capital, and introduce qualified projects with core technology to solve core industrial problems, and eventually achieve the win-win situation of talents’ entrepreneurship and industry development of Dalian.

2020 CHINAOCS has two sections throughout the whole year, with “Online CHINAOCS” activity in the first half year and offline communication activities in the second half. Domestic activities will be held in Dalian and Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or other domestic key cities, as well as Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin, etc. Overseas activities will be set in Silicon Valley, Vancouver, London or Tokyo in the form of online live. The activities will focus on the new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, big data, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology and new energy and other major industries, in forms of online project roadshow, industry forum, offline communication and product release.

2020 “Online CHINAOCS” has carried out some “point-to-point, one-to-one” exchange with overseas institutions and scholars via video connection, online live and cloud-sharing, etc.

On March 10th,scholars from Silicon Valley, Vancouver, Tokyo and domestic investors carried out “cloud exchange” with a theme of talents return and the implementation of projects. On April 15th, a roadshow of seven high-quality projects from Vancouver overseas station was organized. These projects cover AI and medical health, etc., some of which had finished round-A financing and reached a implementation intention in Dalian. On April 17th , Dalian High-Tech Zone held a “cloud signing” with Microsoft China and Dalian Shengsuo Technology, aiming at building up an international accelerator with the features of “Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT)”. It will provide a more qualified and efficient incubation accelerating platform for returned overseas scholars to start-up business in Dalian.

In May, there will be “Special roadshow of Silicon Valley work station” and “Policy Implementation Conference of Overseas Scholar Entrepreneurship Plan(OSE Plan)”, etc.


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