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London Tech Week – Tech TV interview with John Zai, CEO of CENTI on China-Europe tech ties

On 13th June, John Zai, the Founder and CEO of CENTI(China Europe Networks Technology and Innovation Limited)was invited for the interview conducted and organized by London Tech Week, Telegraph and Forbes, which also was his second time interview from LTW.

The interview was held in TechXLR8 Excel London, which John Zai mainly discussed extensively and in-depth about various aspects of tech communities and startups in the UK and China.

While he talked about the synergies between the UK and China tech community, John Zai mentioned the following 5 facts: 1) First of all, China is London's second largest investor after the United States. 2) In the meanwhile, London continues to receive a large amount of direct investment from China after Brexit referendum, demonstrating the confidence of Chinese companies in London as a global business hub. 3) Besides that, London and China are highly complementary in the business and tech sector. 4) On one hand, London has the most innovative companies in the world, including financial technology, advertising technology, fashion technology, and provides a wealth of investment opportunities for Chinese capital. 5) More importantly, London also encourages Chinese companies to operate in London and benefits from well-established banking, finance, management, government management, university and talent system.

John Zai also stated that in London Tech Week 2019, he paid more attention to the 5G Network, which is 100 times faster than 4G. In addition, he made suggestions about the opportunities that corporates and startups in the UK could gain from China, including the relationship of China’s paths and experiences and UK’s economic growth, the economic strategies, “Belt and Road” influence and economic and social benefits. He also holds opinions that the UK has always been the undisputed leader in Europe in the field of technology and Chinese community could help with the Brexit impact by collaborating with UK Tech communities.

When he was asked about what had kept him busy in this year’s London Tech Week, John Zai mentioned that 2019 is the third year that he has been supporting the event. This year, CENTI is actually building some tech communities that focus on bringing the Chinese community to connect with the UK community by supporting and organizing 4 small events during the London Tech Week.

This year, CENTI has brought around 60 Chinese investorsto the events during the London Tech Week and tried to let them have different experiences in the London Tech Week.

These Chinese investors were looking for potential start-up companies and technologies with the sectors of FinTech, Healthcare, educated tech, IOT, AI, blockchain and deep tech, which they believe that they might bring the related knowledge back and upgrade what they are already doing back in their own countries.

“If we can find the best technology which is what the China market really needs, we can use China's bigger markets to explore the UK's technology”, John Zai has faith in the unlimited benefits for both China and UK if they keep collaborating, especially in the technology field. He also believed that the Theresa May’s appearance had actually brought the London Tech Week to the next level.


CENTI Group(China-Europe Networks of technology and Innovation) is a cross-border platform connecting European technology start-ups and SMEs with the Chinese market. We work with investors, governments and tech enthusiasts around the world to help companies with their Fundraising, Market Expansion, Property Management (innovation spaces, incubators). Through our core services, we have created one of the largest ecosystem/network between Europe and China (and greater Asia) that is now facilitating the transfer of technology, ideas, and talent between the continents.

If you are interested in expanding your business into China, please contact us ( And see more benefits from CENTI MEMBERSHIP.


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