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Tech Shanghai Advocates launch event at China Financial Information Center in Shanghai

SHANGHAI - Tech Shanghai Advocates, the first China-based branch of Global Tech Advocates, will connect Chinese entrepreneurs to the existing international network and provide access to a global community of entrepreneurs, investors and tech enthusiasts aspiring to the highest level of cross-cultural innovation.

Our founder John Zai and CENTI have been sponsoring the Tech Shanghai Advocates for over a year. In 2017, together with Global Tech Advocates, the international ecosystem of tech leaders founded by Russ Shaw, we marked the official launch of Tech Shanghai Advocates at the China Financial Information Center in Shanghai. The Tech Advocates network is a private sector-led coalition of thousands of tech experts, investors and government officials from seven regions of the world, who come together to facilitate open debate, knowledge sharing, and global cooperation.

Tech Shanghai Advocates (TSA) is the very first landing point in China and thus a premier local point of contact for other Global Tech Advocates members. Tech Shanghai Advocates will connect Chinese tech leaders to the global Advocates’ network, and encourage Chinese entrepreneurs and investors to fully immerse themselves in the international marketplace and share their innovations. 

This historic event was attended by leading figures of the British and Chinese tech scene and the government, i.e. delegates from the British Consulate-General Shanghai, Shanghai Hi-Tech Industrial Park, National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, China Financial Information Center, London & Partners, China-Britain Business Council, GCL Finance (Group) Holdings as well as other leading Chinese financial institutions

John Zai, Founder, and CEO of Centi and Founder and Chairman of TSA :

 “TSA will be GTA’s first China-based networking and financial services platform. Russ and I wish to bring together the advantages of the networks’ existing global resources and create multidisciplinary work groups to stimulate local innovation and promote high-end global cooperation"


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