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CENTI Was Invited to Shanghai International Trade Fair and Cooperated With CCUP

On April 19th, the 7th China (Shanghai) International Technology Import and Export Fair was held, and one of its brand activities called “Waijinglundao” series forum was held in the same period. The theme of the forum was: Hand in hand "To create a prosperous trade between Asia and Europe."

In order to make full use of the Shanghai International Trade Fair platform to achieve high-quality domestic and foreign trade docking, promote technological innovation and trade development on a global scale, the Shanghai International Trade Fair “3+365 Alliance”, China Corporate United Pavilion Group(CCUP Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. and CENTI Group jointly organised this “Waijinglundao” series forum activity.

Corporate Opportunities In A Globally innovative Environment From The CENTI Perspective

In the forum speech section, Ms Xiaoxi Liu, Director of Business Development of CENTI Group, expressed her sincere gratitude to the representatives of the enterprises and the guests for their support to the event. From the perspective of CENTI, she deeply analysed the opportunities of enterprises in the global environment. Although the global economy may still be optimistic in 2019, Europe's venture capital market is still at a high level, London is still the top city to make European technology investment.

Ms Xiaoxi Liu, Director of Business Development of CENTI Group

“Hi! Tech Season” Promotion Cooperation Agreement Was Successfully Signed

On the occasion of the meeting, Ms Yazhen Zhuo, vice president of CCUP, signed the "Hi Tech Season” Promotion Cooperation Agreement with Mr Zhe Lin, managing partner and vice president of CENTI Group, which will further expand docking cooperation between CENTI and the Shanghai International Trade Fair. Also, with the 2019 “Hi Tech Season” as the primary cooperation promotion goal, to play the synergy effect of multi-party resources domestically and internationally, to maximize the empowerment of China's regional economic development, to promote the regional economic development.

Ms Yazhen Zhuo, vice president of CCUP and Mr Zhe Lin, managing partner and vice president of CENTI Group

In recent years, the CCUP has successfully completed the Shanghai World Expo, The China Pavilion of the Milan Expo, the Shanghai International Trade Fair, the Astana World Expo and other projects, and won the construction site project of the Chinese Enterprise Joint Pavilion of the 2020 Dubai World Expo. Entrusted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, CCUP bade for the 46th World Skills Competition, the development has shown a rapid and steady upward trend.

Under the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy, CCUP has always been committed to participating in the world's top exhibitions, gathering political and business resources from both places, and integrating local culture and contacts to provide Chinese companies with continuous overseas cooperation channels and services.

The cooperation between CENTI and CCUP will jointly promote the cutting-edge technology, advanced technology, market development trend and investment opportunities in the UK and throughout Europe, to effectively enhance the brand influence of CENTI and CCUP in the cross-border service industry in China and Europe.

“Hi! Tech Season” World Premiere

On May 6th, 2019, talents-led the high-quality development, innovation and entrepreneurship achievements Wuxi Fair ("Wuxi Talent Fair") and the “Hi! Tech Season”, the world premiere, will be held in Wuxi. The Wuxi Talent Fair is the largest, highest-level and most influential talent event in Wuxi. Since 2017, it has been held twice, attracting more than 1,100 high-level talent representatives including 20 Chinese and international academicians to attend the theme summit. 247 projects were signed on-site, 409 projects were settled, 27 innovation platforms were introduced, 101 high-end talents were gathered, Wuxi “friend circle” was further expanded, and international innovation elements were gathered to show the appearance of “the most beautiful talented habitat” in Wuxi.

The 2019 Wuxi Fair will show you a more localized technology innovation and entrepreneurial market with a more grand scale. At that time, a dedicated “Hi! Tech Season” zone will be set up in Wuxi, the world’s first site of “Hi! Tech Season”, aiming for face-to-face experiencing more than 20 interactive overseas outstanding technology projects and a full range of cutting-edge technologies in CENTI's European ecosystem, to demonstrate a multi-faceted European innovation environment and introduce you more passionate entrepreneurs who are working hard to bring change to the world!


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