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In December, CENTI HIT (Hi! Technology Season) in Shanghai Minhang ended successfully. Under the guidance of Minhang district government & National Eastern Tech-Transfer Center, and the support of Shanghai international technology exchange market, CENTI GROUP, together with Zizhu National High-tech Industrial Development zone, Lingang Pujiang Science and Technology City, and neoBay-Global Innovation Community, jointly presented a wonderful Sino-European science and innovation exchange feast for Minhang District.

CENTI HITS originated from London and will reach out to more cities in Europe and China, aims at promoting European advanced technology to the Chinese market, facilitating industrial communication, technology transfer, and business collaborations between China and Europe.

CENTI brought the London Tech Week to China in 2018 and successfully held two grand events in Shanghai and Shenzhen. This is the first overseas appearance of the most influential technology feast.

This year, CENTI created HITS to increase the influence to more European and Chinese cities, and to facilitate the world’s technology industry communication and cooperation.

Over 150 UK & EU high-quality science and technology projects participated CENTI Minhang HITS first section. Eventually, 15 projects were selected and brought to the event in Shanghai Minhang District. This event includes three major technology themed forums and roadshows, covering the industries of artificial intelligence, Medtech & Medical devices, and Intelligent manufacturing.

Ms. Xu Yayun, deputy director of science and Technology Commission of Minhang District, Shanghai

Before the event, Ms. Xu Yayun, deputy director of science and Technology Commission of Minhang District, Shanghai, and her colleagues in various industries had a warm discussion with the science and technology project teams and experts from all over the world.

From left to right: Dr. Billy Wu, senior lecturer, Dyson School of engineering, Imperial University of Technology Mr. warsami Nur, digital health expert consultant Ms. Emma Wright, director, UK Institute of artificial intelligence Mr. Zai Chengfeng, founder and CEO of China EU science and technology innovation network Ms. Zhao Weiran, managing partner of China EU science and technology innovation network of CENTI Group

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Xu Yayun, deputy director of science and Technology Commission of Minhang District, Shanghai, delivered an opening speech. Then Mr. Zhou Tao, partner of CENTI, gave a welcome speech to the event. The two expressed their sincere hope that through the event, the cooperation and exchange between Chinese and Europe science and technology enterprises could be strengthened, and the opportunities for Chinese science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship could be displayed to the European entrepreneurship team. The park and preferential policies are full of expectations for the in-depth strategic cooperation in the field of science and technology between China and Europe.

Ms. Xu Yayun, deputy director of science and Technology Commission of Minhang District, Shanghai, delivered an opening speech

Mr. Zhou Tao, partner of CENTI Group

Part.1 "Artificial Intelligence"

Ms. Emma Wright, Director and Counsel InstituteAI, addressed the topic of "Artificial Intelligence"

Then five AI field enterprise representatives gave a project Roadshow

Project name:Convedo Intelligent Capture Cloud ,keynote speaker: Eric Ying Ting Sham(Left one) project name:AllianceBlock,keynote speaker:Mr.Rachid Ajaja(Right upper) project name:Sedicii,keynote speaker:Mr.Rob Leslie(middle right) project name:Laava Tech,keynote speaker:Ms.TatsianaLaava Zaretskaya(lower left) project name:Affluences,keynote speaker:Mr. Paul Boris Bouzol(lower right)

Mr. Jie Jie, entrepreneurial center of Zizhu high tech Zone

Mr. Jie Jie, entrepreneurial center of Zizhu high tech Zone, made a detailed introduction to Zizhu high tech Zone and made a summary speech on the above "Artificial intelligence" projects Panel Discussion.

Then, industry experts, investment institutions and business representatives from China and Europe held a round table discussion on the roadshow and technology innovation transformation theme of the "Artificial Intelligence" project.

Presided over by John Zai, founder and CEO of CENTI GROUP, Mr. Zhonghai Yang, vice president of Zizhu Xiaomiao fund, Mr. Bolin Chen, chairman of Zizhu enterprise representative, Ms.Emma Wright, director of Institute of AI, and Mr. Chao Chen, general manager of Shanghai international technology trading market, discussed the development trend and significance of artificial intelligence in Europe and China, as well as how to help European entrepreneurship explore their business in China.

Part. 2 "Medtech & Medical devices"

Mr. warsami Nur, Digital Health Consultant, delivered a speech on the theme of " Medtech & Medical devices "

Then five European representatives of Medtech & Medical devices gave a project roadshow

Project name:Computational Life,Keynote speaker:Mr.Carlo Rivis(left upper) Project : Systems,Keynote speaker:Mr.Juan Tatay Galvany(right upper) Project name:Verita Cell,Keynote speaker:Ms.Evija Vascenko(middle left) Project name:P4ML Ltd ,Keynote speaker:Mr.Patrick Moloney(lower left) Project name:OACP,Keynote speakerMr.Francesco Villa(lower right)