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China’s 5G future is now, reshaping 4 industries: Network, Healthcare, Banking and Logistics

Britain’s biggest mobile operator EE cooperated with HUAWEI to launch the first 5G in the UK on May 30, 2019. 5G promised to be up to 100 times faster than 4G and 2,000 times faster than 3G. So far, Uk has only used 5G on the field of network.

While, in China, 5G affects Chinese daily life in more than just network. It also has influences on the field of healthcare, banking and intelligent logistics. British companies began to cooperate with Chinese companies about 5G.

● 5G affects Chinese network

On October 31, 2019, China's three largest telecom operators announced their prices of 5G tariff package on the same day, marking the official commercialization of China's 5G network. The 5G era, which has been discussed for so many years, finally arrived.

price of 5G tariff package

● 5G affects the field of health care

The arrival of the 5G era will be beneficial to different fields in life. The field of health care is one of the fields which will gain benefits from 5G applications. Through 5G technical support, people can access to information resources more quickly, and build their own medical information files in the medical database. Doctors’ diagnosis and prescription of the treatment will be inclined to "personal customization".

Besides, relying on advanced technology such as 5G and AI, doctors can realize remote diagnosis and treatment, so that ordinary people and even those in remote and poor areas can enjoy high-quality medical services without leaving their homes. This not only can help to improve the relationship between doctor and patient, but also can alleviate the shortage of high-quality medical resources.

● 5G’s influences on banking sector

Another important breakthrough in 5G applications is the field of banking sector. Recently, Bank of China’s "5G Smart and People's livelihood Pavilion" launched in Tianjin, which is the first smart banking outlet in Tianjin that deeply integrates 5G elements and life scenes. This is also the second banking outlet of Bank of China under their "5G Smart Plus" series brand in the country. Through face recognition, big data and a series of digital means, customers can enjoy personalized services here. Customers can gain new experiences in such a smart space by experiencing 5G high-speed network, mobile bank ingress authentication and the business handling mode without card, license or manual intervention.

● 5G’s influences on intelligent logistics

5G is, moreover, continuing to empower the intelligent logistics. The development of 5G technology is driving logistics storage equipment to be a step closer to intelligence, whether the automated warehouse, or machine visual recognition etc., are beginning to gradually change.

At present, JD Logistics, a business group under which is China’s largest online retailer, has built a 5G intelligent park. Through the 5G-HD camera, they not only can realize the positioning management of personnel, but also real-time perception of the capacity of the production area in the warehouse, which helps to optimize scheduling resources in a timely manner and improve productivity. Furthermore, the wide application of 5G will meet the timely visualization requirements of enterprises and consumers for logistics tracking which can enhance people's consumption experience.

In addition to those applications mentioned above, every aspect of our lives will be exposed to 5G technology. In the long run, 5G era is a huge and unprecedented change in our lives, and it will drive the Internet of Everything and make our lives and work more convenient and intelligent.

The arrival of 5G means the opening of a new era. According to Ofcomm, the future demand for data – UK consumers are expected to use 13 times more mobile data in 2025 than today. With the development of 5G, not only the speed of the network will be improved, but also other aspects such as healthcare, banking in our daily life will be improved.


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