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Wuxi Xidong New Town
Business District

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Cooperated with Wuxi Xidong New City Business District, CENTI set up the CENTI European Technology Innovation Center  in Xidong District since 2018, aiming to providing more opportunities to learn from each other and explore potential cooperation opportunities. With favourable talent support, entrepreneurial environment, and investing services from Xidong New City Business District, the CENTI European Technology Innovation Center  in Xidong District will facilitate the technological cooperation and business development between the EU and Wuxi.  


Xidong New Town Business District:


Xidong New Town is the sub-center of Wuxi, the core area of Xishan District and the cluster area of innovative industries, with a planned total area of 125 square kilometers and a future planned population of 600,000. The eastern and western parts of Xidong New Town are Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zones, and the central part is Xidong New Town Business District. Focusing on the direction of "transportation hub, intelligent manufacturing, culture and tourism, science and education, medical and health”, Xidong New Town will develop its headquarter economy, hub economy, financial service, science and innovation, research and development, high-end intelligent manufacturing, cultural tourism and so on, building the Yangtze River Delta high-end central scientific and technological innovation cultural business district, scientific and technological R&D industrial base, and high-end intellectual manufacturing cluster.

In March 2009, with the establishment of Wuxi East High-speed Railway Station, Xidong New Town Business District started to be constructed, with a planning area of 44.06 square kilometers,and a future planned resident population of 320,000. Since the beginning of construction, major indicators have maintained an annual growth rate of more than 20%, and general public budget revenue has increased from 187 million CNY in 2009 to 1.363 billion CNY in 2018. It has become one of the most potential and dynamic areas in Wuxi, which is also an important district connecting the surrounding areas of Beijing and Shanghai. 

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Regional and transportation advantages of Wuxi are prominent


It could reach Shanghai Hongqiao in 28 minutes and Beijing in 4.5 hours through Beijing-Shanghai high-speed Railway. It can reach Huning expressway in 10 minutes and Shuofang International Airport in 15 minutes. Wuxi metro line 2 and the future line 4 converge here, connecting with the High-speed Railway Station and downtown areas directly.

Developments of Emerging industries have accelerated

A lot of innovative companies have been introduced, such as Genecast Headquarter, Geneis Headquarter, Biosec Science, Fine Software and BONC. Several innovation platforms have been settled such as Microsoft Accelerator, Guoke (Sunan) Future Science and Technology Innovation Hub, European Innovation Center Wuxi Branch, NUIST(Wuxi) Research Institute, Xishan National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base and so on. Life sciences, Industrial Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things and other emerging industries have gathered and developed in Business District.

Functional services are increasingly improved

Business District has built a complete coverage of domestic and international education system, from the kindergarten to university. Jiuli River Wetland Park, Yingyue Lake Central Park, Jiuli River Scenic Area and Jiaoyang Road Landscape Zone are put in use. Some functional projects such as Xishan People's Hospital, Hodo Cheerful City, and Yingyue Plaza are great facilities for citizen. Furthermore, Cuiping Provincial Tourism Resort, Jiulicang Commercial Street, Taihecheng Tumor Hospital, Sports Center, Five-star Hotels will speed up the constructions. Supporting facilities such as education, medical care, business and entertainment have been constantly enriched in Business District.

Benefits for connecting with Xidong New Town:


  • Up to 1 million RMB venture capital can be obtained.

  • Free talent apartments arrangement for and housing subsidy. 

  • Assistance to introduce high-end talent employees, and support in settling down, children's enrollment, spouse employment and other life support.​

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