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Promotional Events

We help our clients to host cross-border promotional events. Our events have helped regional governments (Liaoning, Nanjing, Guiyang, etc.) from China promote their region’s policies and economic progress; we also helped communities such as Global Tech Advocates expand and promote in both Shenzhen and Shanghai.


2019 NANJING-Gulou District

Investment promotion conference


On April 29, 2019, "China Nanjing innovation week 2019 and China-UK technology achievements transfer and transformation centre establishment ceremony" was held in the city of London. In the presence of Mr Jiang Sunan, the minister of science and technology of the Chinese embassy in the UK, and other guests, Nanjing Gulou high-tech zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CENTI Group. Later, Mr Jiang Sunan participated in the unveiling of the China-UK centre for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements by Wu Wei, the district chief of Nanjing Gulou district, and jointly expressed the beautiful vision for the future development of the centre.


Big Data promotion conference


On February 28, 2019, CENTI team should government delegation in Guiyang, in London, United Kingdom, successfully hosted the international big data fairs overseas promotion, the event attracted nearly from international famous universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, leading financial enterprises, scientific research institution and the project team and other practitioners in the field of big data and followers, for entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and government provide a close communication platform. During the promotion meeting, a number of projects conducted on-site roadshows to show their leading advantages in alternative data and big data analysis. Several project teams received invitations to the China international big data expo.


Investment promotion conference

@London & Munich

In August 2019, the leaders of Haimen attended the event. The promotion meeting was held in the form of western food business dinner. Representatives of Chinese enterprises, associations and students in Britain and Germany invited by CENTI attended the event. At the event, Haimen city leaders had in-depth communication with the Chinese people and the project, and the guests also had a further understanding of the development of Haimen through the comprehensive introduction of consultant Gao hongjun.


Innovation Enterprise 

In October 2018, the event kicked off with the introduction of high-level overseas talents from Liaoning province. Six Chinese projects from Europe demonstrated scientific and technological innovations in high-tech fields such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, intelligent medical treatment and high-end equipment.

This time, CENTI not only planned and implemented the promotion meeting but also arranged in-depth discussions with London science and innovation accelerator, Oxford University, London development promotion agency and imperial college London. After the trip, CENTI signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Dalian and assisted in the follow-up project personnel landing, enterprise cooperation docking and communication.


Promotion conference


On June 12, 2019, the China sea innovation week (Dalian) London event kicked off in London, injecting more Chinese characteristics into the London science and technology week. At the promotion meeting, Mr Chengfeng Zai, chairman of China-UK youth entrepreneurship association and founder and CEO of CENTI Group EU-china technology innovation network, introduced the China sea entrepreneurship week project to the local Chinese Chambers of commerce, overseas students and entrepreneurship teams. He also introduced the "sea innovation project" policy and the innovation and entrepreneurship environment in Dalian. Participants and guests at the conference paid great attention to and recognized the venture capital environment in Dalian and the platform of Haichung.

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