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Julian David

CEO of  Tech UK

Julian David is the CEO of techUK. He was appointed as the director general of Intellect in March 2012 and led its transformation to techUK in November 2013. Julian leads techUK's 60 strong team in representing more than 950 member companies, including multi-nationals and more than 500 SMEs to ensure that the digital tech industry is at the heart of a modern society and economy in Britain. He is a member of the government and industry Cyber Growth Partnership and Digital Advisory Council. He is also techUK’s representative on the National Trade Association Council of Digital Europe.


Russ Shaw

Founder of  Tech London Advocates

Russ is an angel and venture investor and non-executive director of a number of high growth businesses including Dialog―a publicly traded semiconductor company, AIM listed Cupid plc and Unwire–a Danish, venture-backed mobile commerce business. He is also a limited partner in Ariadne Capital’s ACE Fund and an investor in and advisor to Amazing Media Group. Russ is also a board member of the Tech City Advisory Group.


Jenny Tooth

CEO of  UK Business Angels Association  

Jenny is CEO of the UK Business Angels Association, the trade body for angel and early-stage investing, representing over 18,000 investors around the UK. Jenny has over 20 years’ experience of facilitating SMEs access to investment, both in the UK and internationally. She ran her own consultancy on access to finance for SMEs, including spending nine years based in Brussels, working closely with the EC. In 2009, Jenny co-founded Angel Capital Group which incorporates London Business Angels, one of the most established and active angel networks in the UK.

Jenny is an angel investor and in her role at UKBAA she focuses on building the angel community around the UK, connecting investors to good deal flow and assisting entrepreneurs to attract investors. Jenny sits on the steering group for emerging technologies and innovations for Innovate UK and the advisory board for the London Co- Investment Fund. Jenny is an experienced speaker on angel investing and entrepreneurship both in the UK and internationally. She has an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Jenny was awarded an OBE in 2015 for services to small businesses.


Julian David

Tech UK 首席执行官

Julian David 是tech UK 的首席执行官。他于2012年3月被任命为 Intellect 的总监,并于2013年11月领导其转型为 tech UK。techUK 目前为超过950个企业提供服务,包括跨国企业和500多家中小型企业。Julian目前带领60支实力雄厚的队伍,维护数字科技产业在英国经济社会的的核心地位。他是政府、Cyber Growth Partnership和Digital Advisory Council 的成员。他也是 tech UK 在数码欧洲贸易协会理事会的代表。


Russ Shaw

Tech London Advocates 创始人

Russ是天使和风险投资人,同时也是众多高增长企业的非执行董事,其中包括Dialog(一家上市的半导体公司)、在AIM上Cupid plc和Unwire(一家丹麦风险投资支持的移动商务企业)。他还是Ariadne资本Ace基金的有限合伙人,同时也是Amazing Media Group的投资者和顾问。Russ也是ech City Advisory Group的董事会成员。


Jenny Tooth

UK Business Angels Association 首席执行官

Jenny 是 UK Business Angels Association 的首席执行官。该协会是天使投资和早期投资的贸易机构,代表着英国超过各地超过18000名投资者。Jenny 在促进中小型企业获得英国和国际投资方面拥有超过20年的行业经验。她拥有自己的中小企业融资咨询公司,包括在布鲁塞尔工作9年,与欧盟委员会建立了密切的合作。2009年,Jenny 联合成立了Angel Capital Group,该集团合并了London Business Angels,这是英国最成熟和最活跃的天使网络之一。

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Gavin Poole

 Here East 首席执行官

Gavin是Here East(前身为iCITY)的首席执行官,创建了欧洲最具互联技术和创新性的校园。Here East改变了以前在奥林匹克公园的新闻和广播中心。是大学,广播公司,初创企业,规模扩张型企业,数据中心,atheatre /会议设施和欧洲最大的创新中心的所在地。为公司提供全面的服务。

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James Klein

Corporate 伦敦公司负责人


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Pietro Strada

UK Business Angels Association  首席执行官

Pietro Strada为Silverpeak管理团队带来了20多年的技术领域投资银行业务经验。Pietro在其职业生涯中完成了60多笔交易,他专注于从高知名度的贸易销售、公开收购和兼并到融资和剥离的所有业务。他的投资组合中的大部分是跨越全球性的跨境交易,从欧洲、北美洲到非洲和英国。

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