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Shanghai YANGPU


Wuxi Insigma International

Technology Innovation Park

Hangzhou Europe and

America Finance City

Fenglin Biomedical

Center (BioFM)


Xi'an Hi-tech

Industries Development Zone

Shanghai Changyang


Chengdu Thinkzone


National Eastern

Tech-Transfer Centre 


Providing your Location in China 

Using our hubs and working with our partners,

we have the capability to land companies

into some of the most exciting locations in China


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Incubation Service

Business Incubation is one of the main services in our soft-landing zones. We have various platforms to help enterprise with different services such as science and technology investment, legal, intellectual property consulting services, project reporting service and etc. Among them, the International Incubator Service Platform provide services like international docking exchange, technology introduction and supply, international technical achievements exhibition and communication activities, international research and communication activities, other cooperation projects.

Science and Technology Finance Focus

In order to satisfy different financial needs of small and medium sized science and technology enterprises, we would take the full advantages of the soft-landing zones’ comprehensive science and technology service includes integrates banking, insurance, financial guarantee, venture capital funds and other various resources. 


We also provide personalized public financing service platforms. For example, in order to offer better service for SMEs and start-up companies, our soft-landing zones in China would cooperate with many local technology parks and built effective carriers on docking with science, technology, finance and service resources. 

Technology Transfer

With international resources and platform constructions, we are able to set up all-in-one function of technology transfer, incubation guidance, science and finance, international docking. 

We are able to promote the powerful combination of technology and capital market and ultimately form of strong science and education resources. We aim at accelerating the implementation of the docking system between the international technology transfer functional gathering area and the transformation of science and technology achievements in each branch parks.

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