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HOC Intelligent Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd. The high-tech enterprise in the Jiangbei New Area Software Park in Nanjing is Harvard University, Oxford University, and Cambridge University. The leading research and development field in the academic field is more than 380. ERP consulting, artificial intelligence computer vision, natural language processing technology, Data Mining Advanced Data Analysis ,cross-media analysis and reasoning technology, intelligent adaptive learning technology, swarm intelligence technology, autonomous unmanned technology, smart chip technology, brain-computer interface technology and other high-tech cutting-edge technologies in security, Leading technologies in finance, retail, transportation, education, medical, manufacturing, health, etc.

JSAI artificial intelligence society full member, IEEE member, SIGIR member CAAI Chinese artificial intelligence society member, AAA1 international artificial intelligence society member. Member of ACM, ACM Commissioner of British Artificial Intelligence China. The main research areas include ERP consulting, cloud technology, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence experts, computer vision, multimedia technology and machine learning.

AI, IoT, Internet of Things, RPA, OCR-AI, ERP, cloud, bigdata, blockchain, ICT, 5G, 3D, AR, VR, iCLIP, Aviation Design Software、core industrial software, smart chips, smart driving, core algorithms, neutrinos, quantum Top cutting-edge technologies such as computing artificial intelligence robots and automation systems, smartphones and cloud computing, and smart cities. For government / local government, education / medical / healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics, communications / broadcasting, construction / real estate, electricity / gas / water, networking, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, security, new retail, manufacturing, transportation , Sports, aerospace, advertising, IOT, ICT and other industries. AI reporter sports intelligent driving AI accounting lawyer AI surgery robot AI questioning misdiagnosis no AI robot funeral VR AR 3D AI crime tracking AI image recognition smart city, smart home, smart management, RPA, smart factory, smart logistics, AI real estate, AI marketing , AI agriculture and other social inclusive areas

IEEE, NIPS, ICML, COLT, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, IJCAI, AAAI, UAI, KDD, SIGIR, WWW, ACL, PAMI, IJCV, JMLR, AIJ have continuously published more than 1,000 top academic papers. The artificial intelligence competition won 500 More than

Harbin Bridge Intelligent Technology and Microsoft, Microsoft Cambridge Research Institute, IBM, Samsung, H2o, Google, Intel, HP, Intel, Amazon, CAPCOM, Domo, Monota RO, Kubota Machinery, SCSK Co., Ltd., Kubota, Komatsu Machinery , Qingshui Building, Alibaba, Hang Seng Electronics, Yahoo, Tencent, Huawei, Facebook Paris Academy, SAP, oracle, salesforce, Liverpool UK and Li Ning Sports, Ali Sports, momenta, Super Sports XEBIO (슈퍼 스포츠) in Seoul, South Korea 제비 오) Sports goods physical store, TikTok (Douyin), NVIDIA, NTT, NTTDATA, SoftBank, Samsung DIDI Intelligent Driving, freee Corporation, ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd., Altloo, DeNA, Co., Ltd., TDK Co., Ltd., American Industrial Robot Intelligent Robot Boston Dynamics, Toshiba Information System Co., Ltd., Hitachi, NEC, TOYOD, Mitsubishi Group, Mitsui Group, TIS, KONAMI, PWC, Accenture Consulting, BearingPoint Consulting, Capgemini-Ernst & Young Consulting, Deloitte Consulting, IBM Consulting, sas, hao Op, matlab, Tableau Kobayashi system, Suning Group, JD TOYODA Honda Shangtang Technology (SenseTime) despised according to Figure Momenta, the fourth paradigm of the horizon, Qualcomm, Philips, Siemens, Sony, Intel, Canon and other famous companies have contracts. R & D Center Nanjing Headquarters, Hangzhou Headquarters, Shanghai Headquarters, Taizhou Branch, Lishui Branch, Suzhou Branch, etc., Global Japan, Britain, United States, South Korea. .


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