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Imagine Portable is a powerful, user-friendly photo management and editing application. Imagine Portable is packed with powerful features, including the ability to quickly and easily import, export, view, edit and sort photos from virtually any digital camera, scanner or digital camera card reader, plus more. Imagine Portable is packed with powerful features, including the ability to quickly and easily import, export, view, edit and sort photos from virtually any digital camera, scanner or digital camera card reader, plus more. The software comes with both 32 and 64-bit versions. Imagine Portable features: Automatic image retouching, including red eye removal, blemish removal and lens distortion correction Paint and shape tools, including the ability to create and alter outlines, select and crop, and color/recolor objects File information display with automatic image thumbnailing and thum down and mouse selection, plus a set of image enhancement options to display dates and times, sharpen the image, increase brightness, and more Image comparison and search tools, including fuzzy image search, advanced search tools, the ability to save your favorite search results and easily compare up to 50 images Image slideshow creation Image browser and card reader import Multiple page image editor Image resizing and cropping Image compression and watermarking Image recovery File type conversion and image file format conversion Animation production tools File browser and external drive window Bookmarks and image bookmarks Thumb down and mouse selection PhonTV is a software application that records television shows and allows playback on your computer in Windows Media Player or any other popular multimedia player. Once the program has been downloaded and installed on your computer, you will be able to record shows from any television. You can also watch shows that you previously recorded. The application allows you to filter recorded shows by Title, Season, Episode, Genre, Program category, Language, Date and Rating. The data can also be used to create slideshows, or be burned to a DVD. This software is available in two versions. The free version only records one channel at a time, while the Pro version allows you to record up to eight channels. The free version is restricted to 250 minutes per week of recording, and the Pro version to four hours. The user interface is quite simple, with a number of customizable options allowing you to modify the keyboard shortcuts used to control the application, as well as viewing/recording and playback options. The program requires Windows XP, a5204a7ec7

Imagine Portable Serial Key is a complex software application whose sole purpose is to aid people in viewing, editing and converting their images, taking screenshots and creating animations. Assets of portable tools This is the portable counterpart of Imagine and thus, going through the installation process is no longer a must. It is not going to add files or other items to the Windows registry or hard drive without your approval, and no leftovers will remain after its removal. You should also know that Imagine Portable can be used on any machine you can connect to, by simply moving the program files to a pen drive or other such removable storage device, and clicking the EXE. Clean interface and supported extensions The interface you come by is quite plain, as it is comprised of a menu bar, several buttons, a preview panel, a folder structure with the contents of your HDD and a pane to display thumbnails. Despite its modest looks, this software utility supports quite a long list of formats, such as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, PSD, ICO, PSP, PGM, WBMP, PIC and DCX, both at import and export. Convert images, create animations and batch rename items Furthermore, there are a lot of tools you can take advantage of, such as the conversion of multiple images in the same time. It is possible to create slideshows, rename multiple items in a single session, capture the entire screen or just a selected active window and save the resulted image to a custom location on the hard drive, and using one of the many formats supported. You can adjust image parameters so as to enhance the way they look, as well as create animations and multi-page pictures, establish file associations and sort them according to name, extension, image dimensions, size and date. Bottom line In conclusion, Imagine Portable is a well-rounded piece of software and a good choice for people interested in managing and editing pictures. Our tests did not pick up on any errors or crashes, the CPU and memory usage is minimal, and the interface is accessible. License information Company Research In Motion, Inc. Country Canada Provider Company Review Score: 10/10 Friendly rating: 10/10 Integration status: 10/10 Bugs status: 10/10 Pricing: 10/10 Have used Imagine

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