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to do this automatically? I know it's a bad idea MalwareSami: bad idea to what? to not have passwords. ;) MalwareSami: What if you install software as root user? MalwareSami: if you're on Ubuntu, you can sudo apt-get install samba Just doin a fresh install or a command line tool, which will be easier I'm a newb I've been using Gentoo before I know how to do stuff MalwareSami: use the live cd to get your data off. I just got the iso off the ubuntu website What's the link to that? the installer.. You can mount/access the contents of the iso files with a live cd dr_willis: cool, I've never seen that on a desktop Let me get into the livecd just to check you have good backups of your important stuff is a good idea. Yeah, I'm good I have an external hard drive I know i have a few clones of what i consider my most important stuff. ;) I just need to transfer the files over, I don't need to backup So I can re-install Ubuntu when it's done? MalwareSami: do you have a complete partition on that HDD? the installer will be able to access your external hd and make backups Yes, I have I have the Ubuntu desktop on there MalwareSami: so, you want to remove Ubuntu, and just keep the files on the external HDD? I do then




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Modify Exe Files And Crack A Program satden

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