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“Tech for good in Alibaba”:App programme for lost pets to avoid heartbreak

Pets, for many owners, are as important as family members and comfort for lonely souls. For a person who has lost a pet, it is like a certain part of the soul that was stolen. In China alone, no less than 40 million dogs are wandering in the streets every year. On January 22, 2019, a small program called "Pet Code" was launched on Alipay. This is a program that helps the owner customize the QR code for the pet. Once the pet is lost, the person who found the lost pet could quickly contact the pet owner by scanning the QR code and dial a secure number to solve the problem.

The program does not directly expose the pet owners’ real phone numbers by displaying the security numbers, which effectively protects the owners’ privacy. In addition, "Pet Code" has a lot of considerate functions, such as binding multiple pet QR codes, the owner centrally manages the identity information of all pets; access real-name authentication to reduce the possibility of fraud; choose whether to enable face verification in order to reduce telephone harassment, etc.

QR Code of “Pet Code” project

The “Pet Code” project was initiated spontaneously by several Alibaba software engineers and was developed in the spare time of more than a month. In Alibaba, there are a group of engineers who are voluntarily working on "side business" after work hours, these engineers are using cold technology to make life warmer by typing the codes.

“When employees have love, our businesses, products, technology and services naturally have a temperature and are naturally loving.”- Jack Ma. Every public welfare project is not only the embodiment of Ali's strong technical strength but also an extension of its corporate values.

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