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Wuxi High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

​Dalian High-tech Zone Online Roadshow

- Introduction -

Founded in March 1991, Dalian Hi-tech Zone is one of the first batch of national-level high technology industrial zones. It is a highland that gathers new and high technology industries in northeast China and a self-dependent innovation platform.


Dalian Hi-tech Zone is situated in the southwest of Dalian City, covering an area of 153 square kilometers, 41.6 km long coastline, and the forest coverage rate reaching 70% or more. It’s near sea and hill, has luxuriant vegetation, ecological environment and convenient transportation. There are two sub-districts of Lingshui and Dragon King Pond under the jurisdiction, with a population of 210000. Dalian Hi-tech Zone is the leading zone of opening up to the outside city and the demonstration area of science and technology of Dalian City, also the hi-tech industrial agglomeration. Currently, there are 5000 registered enterprises, more than 900 high-tech enterprises, 380 export-oriented enterprises or more, and over 100 Global 500 companies settled in the zone, such as IBM, HP, Ericsson and DELL.


The development of Dalian Hi-tech Zone takes software and information technology outsourcing as the leading factors, featuring network and e-commerce, ACG and culture startup, life science, design, new materials and new energy, intelligent manufacturing, and technological finance. Dalian Hi-tech Zone has been awarded China’s only "national software industry internationalization demonstration city" and "national innovative software industrial cluster", China's first "national innovation-type park, China's "national software industry base", "model city of national software copyright protection ", and other software industry honors awarded by the nation. In 2013, Dalian Hi-tech Zone won “the national-level culture and science and technology integration demonstration base”, becoming a highland for national innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Dalian Hi-tech Zone is the platform of scientific and technological innovation, with well-equipped facilities, fully functional innovative and entrepreneurial system, and featured incubation network system integrating comprehensive incubation, professional incubation, international incubation and second grade incubation. It boasts of nearly a hundred national R&D centers and enterprise R&D centers, and 8 public technical service platforms. Independent innovation results continue to emerge, and the total number of intellectual property applications and authorizations topped the list in Dalian City.


Dalian Hi-tech Zone is the core area of software and service outsourcing industry, also the key development area in Liaoning coastal economic belt. The software and service outsourcing industry are growing in a high-end, large-scale and clustered way. By now, the industry has 1220 enterprises, and the revenue reaches 110.8 billion Yuan. The planned constructions include Dalian Software Park, Qixianling Modern Service Industry Core Functional Area, Hekou International Software Park, Huangnichuan Tiandi Software Park, Huaxin Software Park and other professional software parks. The software and service outsourcing industry’s strength, scale and innovation ability are at the forefront of the country.

China Overseas

Scholar Innovation Summit

The China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit 2018 was hosted in Dalian, a port city of North-eastern China in Liaoning province, from June 29 to July 1, 2018.


China Overseas Scholar Innovation Summit(CHINAOCS)focuses on intelligent technology, clean energy, life science, marine technology, digital cultural innovation and other industries.In 2018, they invited 200 high-tech projects to join in the road show, overseas students from 300 renowned international universities, representatives from 100 domestic famous investment institutions, 50 large and medium-size domestic enterprises, 50 R&D university institutions as well as more than 2,000 domestic and overseas participators.  


The CHINAOCS includes seven major activities such as the overseas entrepreneurial leadership summit, road shows, a job fair, professional forums and Dalian design festival 2018.


According to the report, a total of 495 people from the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore and other countries have signed up for this event, including 51 percent with doctor degrees and 42 percent with master degrees. More than 1,000 people from 97 domestic cities have also registered for this event.


Initiated in 2000, CHINAOCS was upgraded to the national level platform to attract overseas talents. During the past 18 years, it attracted over 33,000 overseas students and 3,000 overseas merchants from 63 countries and regions. 

Dalian High-tech Zone Online Roadshow

The Dalian High-tech Zone Online Roadshow is hosted by the ​Dalian High-tech Zone and organized by CENTI Group. The focus will be on fostering cutting-edge technological innovations from across the globe, strengthen the exchange and interaction between Dalian and other leading tech cities both at home and abroad, and attract more domestic and foreign talents, advanced technologies, promising projects, and capital resources to Dalian.


The online roadshow will be hosted on the 28th of March with 6 exciting start-ups pitching to the judging panel including Dalian High-tech Zone officials and Investment Agencies. 

Date and Time:

Thur, 28 March 2019

9:00 – 11:00am


Address:81 Paul Street,Shoreditch,London,EC2A 4NQ


If you are interested in this roadshow, please contact us:

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